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License # 874760

National Janitorial Service has continued to develop and grow positively to an extent where we have been able to establish ourselves as a major and reliable service provider. Not only to the larger Maintenance Companies, but direct to the property owner and managing accounts. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide scope of services. As continued growth takes place it is our aim to extend these services and ultimately provide our customer with a package that fully encompasses the needs of every type of building and its associated systems. We have added to our list of services construction clean up Rough, Fluff and Final cleaning of all new homes, apartment buildings, office buildings and stores.


Everything dusted: including blinds, vents, ceiling fans and other fixtures
All surfaces cleaned and polished: including doorknobs, outlets and swith covers
Floors swept and mopped
Carpets vacuumed
Windows: including sills, frames and tracks cleaned
Fireplaces (excluding chimney) dusted
All labels, stickers, decals removed
Appliances: stove, oven, fridge, etc. wiped down and polished
Cabinets, cupboards, drawers all vacuumed and wiped out and outsides polished
Baseboards, trim, moulding, doors and door frames dusted
Built in shelves dusted
Closets, pantries, laundry areas included
Bathrooms: tubs, sinks, shower stalls and doors, toilets all cleaned and polished
Mirrors and glass polished
Stairs vacuumed or mopped
Walls washed
Debris removed (large debris should be removed by sub-contractors)

Outside on request:

Garage floors, patios, walks, decks, stairs swept and hosed if needed
Exterior windows

Fluff (on request)

Damp mop
Spot clean all areas
Trash removal

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